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Who is Fairmore? We are Family Law:

  • Divorce Financial Settlement Experts
  • Neutral Process Advisors
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analysts
  • Financial Mediators
  • Collaborative Financial Professionals
  • Financial Disclosure Advisors

What does Fairmore offer?  Fairmore helps couples facing separation and divorce:

  • Learn the different processes to reach a separation agreement: mediation, collaborative, arbitration, court-sponsored etc.
  • Understand the strengths and challenges that each process offers and help you choose the one that feels right for you and your family
  • Clarify and shape what each of you needs for you and your family to feel confident about the future
  • Connect with resources from our extensive network of trusted allied professionals for legal, valuation, wealth, parenting and communication needs
  • Reach an acceptable and sustainable agreement that actually works for you and your family in the real world
  • Avoid common financial pitfalls and emotional angst of adversarial court-sponsored Family Law legal process

By employing the power and insight of a neutral financial professional, we at Fairmore can help reduce your anxiety and build fact based and credible family law financial disclosure that enables you both to make informed decisions to lead you into the future.

Carrie is a legally trained, financially certified, Divorce Financial Analysts offering neutral, client-centred divorce settlement solutions.


Fairmore Family Law Financial Solutions


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