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Family Law Financial Advisors to Family Law Counsel

•  Enhancing your firm’s brand as a trusted partner who understands and acts on the importance of rigorous financial analysis and scenario planning in support of both immediate & long term interests of your clients and their families.

•  Working as financial neutrals, delivering comprehensive, transparent, equitable fact-based income/asset presentation validated by each client.

•  Identifying and resolving your client’s interim financial issues, putting in place critical interim budgets required to sustain the clients and families through the legal process and ultimately transition from one to two households.

•  Strengthening your strategic capability to assess at any point in the legal process how each proposal for the allocation of income, pension, debt, assets and liabilities impacts either spouse in the short, medium and long term.

•  Clarifying and shaping the thinking of your client, opposing counsel, their client, as well as any trier of fact as to why your financial proposal is the preferred option for both parties.

Family Law Financial Advisors to Family Law Counselling Professionals

Many family conflicts are rooted in or aggravated by financial challenges.  We clarify and help advance the difficult financial conversations your clients need to have.  We strive to find the winning conditions needed to support your work on communications, parenting and family dynamic dimensions.  As professional neutrals we work with your clients to build a mutually agreed upon, fact-based profile, that fosters constructive conversations between spouses.

For clients and families faced with separation and divorce, we are the next step and the better way.  We will link your clients with collaborative and mediation alternate dispute resolution methods aimed at preserving relationships, wealth and family continuity.

Family Law Financial Advisors to Wealth Managers, Tax and Investment Advisors

Your clients, their families and related family businesses have benefited from your advice and planning. When these families and businesses face separation and divorce we are the next ‘better’ step. We can help your clients move from insight to action through a customized, private process that preserves estate planning, family & business relationships and wealth by encouraging sustainable family continuity agreements.


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