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Services to Individuals & Couples

We are legally trained financial neutrals who help individuals, couples and their families work through separation and divorce intelligently and humanely. Our practice was founded on the belief that the 43% of the Canadian married population who will divorce deserve a “Better Way.”

Our preferred approach is to work with spouses to generate a fact-based and confidence-inspiring financial picture of where they are now and where they will be in the future as separate households.

We generate clear, concise financial and property statements required for all legal process. We create economic proposals offering options for matrimonial property division, income/pension sharing and other financial priorities.
We raise and help resolve early critical financial issues a couple may face and offer analysis about the short and long term implications of alternate financial proposals for both parties. We connect our clients with like-minded, client-centered legal, family and financial professionals we would refer our own families to.

Our Goals

• Focus on what is most important to the client.

• Help clients avoid the most common errors usually committed by those involved in the family law process.

• Answer the most anxiety-provoking questions: “Am I giving away too much?”, “Is this proposal fair?”, “Will I be ok?”

• Preserve precious client wealth, resources and relationships required to their next chapter.

• Empower clients to be involved and in control of their involvement in the process.

• Advance innovative ways to make differing economic and life scenarios a reality.

• Equip clients for their next chapter and help them to make an informed, confident commitment to what they are agreeing to.


Fairmore Family Law Financial Solutions


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