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A conventional separation or divorce process is based on adversarial principles. Parties seek to negotiate a Separation Agreement having commenced a Court Process with the implied (or real) understanding that the court system and judges will be used to resolve the dispute if agreement cannot be reached.. Couples working within an adversarial framework often speak through their Counsel and come to view each other as adversaries and divorce as a game to be played or a war to be won. The resulting tensions and unresolved anxieties can take an immense toll on emotions – especially those of the children. Where feasible, we are strong proponents of Collaborative Practice – a non-adversarial approach. The Spouses, their Counsel and other collaboratively trained professionals (such as ourselves) pledge in writing to work as a team, negotiate in good faith, and commit to achieve settlements that are equitable to both spouses without resort to the courts. Collaborative Practice is designed to ease the emotional strains of a break-up and protect the well-being of children.

​We serve clients and their Counsel in both the Conventional Process as well as work as ‘Financial Neutrals’ on Collaborative teams helping couples who want to resolve their family transition process privately, respectfully and sustainably. We at Fairmore do not offer or provide legal advice. We do, however, offer information and insights our clients will not find anywhere else.

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